I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue and achieve my dreams.

But too many kids where I grew up don’t get the types of opportunities I have had. I started the Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Foundation in order to use my platform and resources to bring communities together to change this.

My supporters and I are working to provide students in Chester and all the communities that I have called home with the types of experiences and skills that motivate and support them in achieving the futures they want for themselves.

Thank you for joining me in this work.

RHJ Comedy Show

Rondae invites you to join him and his friends as we laugh and raise funds for the RHJ Foundation!

RHJ Foundation in Action

Check out this video of a recent event Rondae hosted to inspire and support students in Chester, PA.

The Heart of It

Learn more about why Rondae is so passionate about giving back to his community.